Alloy Wheel Repair

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We remove pot hole damage, flat spots, buckles and even weld cracks on the inside!

(please note, if a wheel is twisted, through the barrel, it may be beyond repair)

Kerb Damaged Repairs

We can normally repair a case of kerb damage resulting from the pavement "that jumped out!" We have done thousands of this type of repair, so if you do find yourself on the wrong end of a kerb we can certainly help.

Buckled Alloy Wheels and Welding

We are able to repair buckled alloy wheels as well as dented and distorted wheels too. If you have hit a kerb or deep pothole we are able to fix around 90% of wheels and avoid you having to buy a replacement.
We cannot untwist twisted wheels. Aftermarket wheels (e.g. Fox etc) tend to be weaker alloy compound than manufacturer supplied wheels and thus more prone to damage problems.


Certain wheels corrode noticeably due to weather and general wear and tear. Lexus IS200 is a typical case, which responds well to sandblasting as a preparation before refinishing. If you are thinking of blasting wheels, it is important to use fine blast media as most standard blasting is too coarse for wheel refinishing. We can do this within the job so you don’t need to go hunting around for blasting as a separate third party process.