Alloy Wheel Refinishing

There are a number of different types of refinishing. The use of each process depends on the issue with each wheel or set of wheels. We are able to provide the full range of refinishing services from powder coating and wet spray to machine polishing.
If you are unsure what you may need then get in touch, our friendly team will be able to advise and give you an idea of what may be needed to get your wheels looking like they should again.

Wet Spray

Colour choice of various silvers, black, white and anthracite. Most wheels are painted. This process is cost effective and quick, enabling rapid turnaround on a sensible budget.

Powder Coating

Again with a colour choice to mimic or change the original look. This process requires more time than wet-spray as there are additional process steps involved.


Polished outer rims

A lot of Mercedes wheels have a painted face with a polished shiny outer rim. The outer tends to oxidise as the weather gets under the lacquer and it takes on a discoloured and unsightly look. This is easily recut on our polishing machine and either painted or just re-polished, depending on your preference.

Machine polished

This is a wheel that is machined on a lathe and then lacquered. In other words, there is no paint between the metal alloy and the lacquer, whereas with most alloy wheels, the surface is painted and then lacquered, to resist ingress of weather , and thus assist durability. The cars we tend to see most frequently with full face polished wheel styles are BMW M3, Mercedes E Class and the SLK. We have done many dozens of each of these. We can give you options of machining again or a different painted finish, which can look just as attractive, with greater durability.

Stainless Steel polished

Jaguar BBS two piece split rim wheels have a stainless steel overlay trim for which we can provide a repair or replacement service. We do this for many Jaguar dealers and provide service for private customers as well.
An alternative solution for cars with damaged overlay trims is the removal of the trim. We can then make good the surface beneath the trim and then paint and lacquer the outer rim.