Kerbed Wheel Repair

We Can Repair Kerbed Alloy Wheels

We have all done it! You are trying to get into that really tight parking space and you hear a grinding noise as the wheel gets dragged along the kerb. Or perhaps you were driving through a small village where you had to get very close to the kerb and you just went a bit too close. It may be that you have a new driver using your car and they made an easy error of judgement; well never fear because 99.9% of the time it can be fixed. There are so many ways people can kerb damage a wheel and no matter how careful we all are, eventually it will happen.

What Do I Do if I have a Kerbed Wheel?

The first thing to do is not to panic. Simply take a photo of the wheel or wheels and get in touch with us. Or you can simply come and pay us a visit and we can have a look right away. Alloy Wheel repair is certainly not as expensive as it once was and kerbing is certainly not the worst thing that can happen to a wheel. It is upsetting and very annoying but our team will make sure it doesn’t stay that way for very long.

Before and after kerb damaged Honda wheelkerbed XK8 wheel

We Can Repair Kerbed Wheels

We have literally repaired thousands of kerbed wheels and our team in Sussex have seen every kind of kerb damage you can think of. From a minor scratch on a very expensive wheel to substantial gouges out of multiple wheels done over time. In most cases we are able to repair the wheel and make it look as good as new. There are a few situations where the damage is simply too bad but this is normally related to impact and cracking which are caused a higher speeds. Our experienced and friendly team will have a look at the wheel or wheels and let you know what can be done.

kerbed wheelnewly refinished wheel


I Need Kerb Damage Repair Quickly

OK, so there are some circumstances where you may need to get a kerbed wheel fixed very fast. It might be that you are insured and have permission to drive your parents car but had a little issue parking and now you want it fixed before they see it. It might be a company car that you are responsible for and rather than suffer the indignation of your boss getting it fixed fast is the only way to go. If you are in need of a fast fix for a kerbed wheel then the first thing to do is call us to discuss timing. If we can, we will fit you in as soon as possible and we might just be able to get you out of a scrape. Normally we can offer a same day service and can even pick the wheels up from you.

Selling Your Car?

If you are planning on selling your car privately, trading it in or selling to a dealership having a kerbed damaged wheel can make a big dent in the asking price. Not only is there the reality that the new owner will probably want to get it fixed it also gives a lower general impression of the car and this doesn’t help when looking for the best price. Come and visit us before you put the car up for sale and for a small investment you can really help improve that resale value.

End of Lease Repairs

Leasing is becoming more and more popular and as many of the first lease cars people have had are starting to go back the cost of any damage is becoming apparent. If you have a lease car the best thing to do is get a kerbed wheel repaired immediately. If you don;t you may have corrosion issues if left for a long time and that will ultimately cost you more. We are happy to work on lease vehicles and should be able to get your wheels looking factory fresh.

Performance Cars

As well as every kind of day to day, family, estate, hatchback and every other kind of common car we are also very happy to deal with specialist cars too. We have a great deal of experience dealing with performance marques like Jaguar, Porsche and even more niche brands like TVR and Caterham. Naturally if you own a high performance car you will want to know it will receive the correct treatment and you can rest assured we will treat it as it should be treated.

Get In Touch

Our workshop is in Hassocks, Sussex. We are able to do home visits for customers within a reasonable distance so get in touch to discuss what will work best for you. Whatever type of kerbing your wheel or wheels have sustained call us or visit our workshop and we will make sure your wheels are well looked after.