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Dents, scratches, scuffs and the like may not stop a car working but they can be very unsightly and really take the shine from your car. They can certainly have a negative affect on the value of a car too so it is important to get this issues fixed as soon as you can. We offer a full car body repair service for people right across Sussex. Our experienced team are on hand to work wonders on your car and have it back to you in a very short amount of time.

Sometimes damage cannot be avoided but it can certainly always be fixed so get in touch today and let us get your car back to the way it should be.

Scratch and Scuff Repair

Sometimes we don’t even know where these annoying marks come from. It is very common to return to your car in a car park and see a scuff on the side where someone tried to get into the pace at the wrong angle. Other times people leave their car in a busy area and come back to find a thin scratch running down the side from a bike, pushchair or similar. Of course, there are those moment when we know exactly what happened and we would like it fixed as soon as possible. We use the latest SMART technology to remove scratches and scuffs from car bodywork with very little fuss. There was a time when even the smallest scratch would mean hours of work and often leaving the owner without a car for days. Thankfully SMART technology has brought about a revolution in scratch repair and many problems can be fixed in around an hour. We offer a very high quality repair service which will leave the affected area looking as good as new in no time at all.

Dent Repair

A dent can be caused by a lot of different things; trolleys, door opening, parking incidents and more. How the dent happened is perhaps not as important as getting it fixed. Car dents are very common on car especially around the doors, corners and things like boot lids. Dents can look bad but if the paint is damaged they can also lead to further issues with corrosion. It is important to get a dent repaired as soon as possible. Most small dents can be removed using PDR but other more serious ones may need more substantial work which we are happy to offer.

Paintless Dent Removal

Another SMART repair technique which has changed the face of car body repair is PDR or paintless dent removal. This technique is actually a group of different methods to gradually massage out a dent without needing re spraying. This cuts down on time and cost for the car owner so is something we are very pleased to be able to offer. It is a complex process and not something all car body repair centres can offer but our highly skilled team have been fully trained and are ready to help.

The most common types of damage PDR can be used for include

  • Small bumper dents
  • Minor door dings
  • Minor boot lid dents
  • Pin dents

If you live or work in Sussex and have a small or minor dent please get in touch today our team are ready and waiting to help. Our workshop is in Hassocks but we are able to service customer right across the county. We are located right next to the train station so it is very easy to drop you car i and go on to work or another destination. We also offer a pick up and drop off service as well as a courtesy car option.

We also offer a range or wheel repair and refurb services so get in touch if you have a scuffed or damaged wheel.