Buckled Alloy Wheel Repair

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We Can Repair Buckled Alloy Wheels

The first thing to do when you have just hit a kerb or a huge pothole and realised your wheel is buckled is not to panic. It may seem like a very serious problem, and it is, but it is not one that is irreparable. With the state of the roads each winter in the UK seeming to get more and more potholed cases of buckled, dented and bent alloy wheels are on the rise. It may, course, not have been caused by the pothole but hitting something in the road or hitting a kerb at normal driving speeds. It is easy to do and can often be quite simple to repair.

If you have just noticed your alloy wheel isn’t buckled, bent or dented then get in touch today and we will get it fixed for you!

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If I Hit a Pothole How Do I know if My Wheel Is Damaged?

Hitting a kerb or a deep pothole can do a number of things to a wheel. If the impact is very hard it may well split the tyre and thus causing it to loose pressure immediately. In this case most people will know they have damaged the wheel but more often than not the damage is not immediately obvious. Because the front of the wheel is strengthened by the spokes it often remains unscathed. It is the rear of the wheel that is the most likely damage point and this is often very hard to see. There may be a flat spot where the impact happened, dents or even a twist or buckle. Driving with a suspected buckled or damaged wheel can be dangerous and it is advisable to seek help immediately. You may feel vibration through the steering and even though it doesn’t look like much on inspection you could be driving with a potentially dangerous wheel.

Get In Touch with our team right away and we can inspect the wheel or wheels and then advise on the best course of action.

What Can I do About  a Buckled Alloy Wheel?

What a lot of people do is call the local dealership right away. This is not always the most cost effective option. Most dealerships will opt for simply ordering a new wheel and this can be quite expensive. In the case of after market wheels or more specialist wheel types this isn’t always even an option. So repair is the other choice. Even if you are not sure what damage you have caused you can speak to us and we are more than happy to inspect the wheel or wheels for you.

Types of Alloy Wheel Damage – Buckled or Dented

In some cases the wheel is actually twisted in the barrel and this can be beyond repair sadly but it is always worth checking before assuming you need a new wheel. Normally only around 20% of all buckles are this bad and most issues are fixable. Most buckled wheels we see at Wheels R Us are actually just misshapen with damage from impacts likes kerbs and potholes and these are certainly something we can fix. We are able to make the wheel true again and round out these flat spots for considerably less than the cost of a new wheel.

I Need a Buckled Alloy Wheel Repaired Quickly

It may be that you have been using a friends car with permission and insurance, or perhaps you have damaged your car wheel the day someone is coming to buy it. Whatever the reason, sometimes people need repair work done as fast as possible. We are often able to do the work the same day it is brought in but more serious repairs may take longer. Whee possible we can even come and pick up the car or wheels and will always do our very best to make sure you get the work done as fast you need it. Give us a call and let us know your requirements and we will do everything we can.

Alloy Wheel Size and Type – Buckling

The bigger the wheel size the weaker the wheels tend to be. There are some cases where wheels designed for run flat tyres that are 18 inch and above can be prone to cracking when they hit something. No matter what the wheel size or type we are almost always able to help.

Case Study – BMW

We recently managed to save a BMW owner a considerable amount of money by repairing two cracked wheels. The customer came to us worried about her wheels after hitting a kerb. After a inspection we found that 2 wheels had been cracked. The initial quote she had got from her dealership was for £1500 for two replacement wheels. Thankfully we were able to weld the wheels which only cost the company around 10% of the quoted price for new wheels. 

Lease or Company Car Buckled Wheel Repair

Leasing is becoming a more and more popular way to own and run a car. As great as leasing can be, if you damage the car it is critical you try and get it fixed or pay a substantial amount when the car is returned. The same can go for company cars, they are certainly a nice perk but damaging one can be very costly. We are very experienced at working on lease and company cars so if you have a dented, bent or buckled alloy wheel on your lease or company car then get in touch. We also do fleet repairs so if you run a company car fleet and have a number of wheel issues to get fixed prior to cars going back out then get in touch.

Performance Cars

We have many years of dealing with specialist and high performance cars. There is always a worry if you own something custom or a rare or high performance car that it will not be treated correctly when it needs repair. We are very happy to put owner’s minds at rest and discuss our experience across a huge number of marques. We have worked on a huge range of different performance and classic cars as well a modern custom cars which in some cases have wheels very prone to cracking due to the extreme sizes involved.

Get In Touch

Our workshop is in Hassocks, Sussex. It is perfectly placed next to a train station so people are able to drop off and pick up their cars very easily, rather than having to organise a taxi or a lift. We are also able to offer home visits where possible though certain services like welding may need to be done in our workshop. Whatever type of dent, buckle or bend your wheel or wheels have we should be able to help. Get In Touch with our friendly team today and we can get you back on the road!