Can you refurbish just one or two wheels only?

Yes because we paint match the existing look. No need to do the entire set for the sake of it!

"Aftermarket" wheels?

Aftermarket wheels is the generic description of wheels sold as design accessories, often through mail order. With aftermarket wheels, the job needs to be carefully discussed. They tend to have design styles that can be tricky to repair and their painted look is often silver over black. which can also present technical challenges, and require powder coating. These wheels are now very cheap to buy, so refurbishment may not be cost effective.

Can you loan me a set of wheels to keep me mobile?

Yes, quite likely we can. If you bring your car to our yard we can swap on a loan set, depending on availability and what your car is.

Can you refurbish split rim wheels?

Yes, we do many of these, including Jaguar BBS, BMW (e.g. Z4) , Mercedes and so on.

Do you refurbish unusual wheels and old classics?

Yes, we have done all sorts. Too many to go through, but happy to talk about any particular idiosyncrasies such as
• Subaru wheels of various colours
• Black painted drops in MG wheels and old classic Ford wheels