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The “go to” guys for alloy Wheel Repair Brighton and the surrounding area.

Our team are able to cover the Brighton area and can repair or refurbish your alloy wheels to make them look like new again. Our workshop is located just outside Brighton in Hassocks but in many cases we are able to come to you. We have over 10 years experience and provide a trustworthy professional service with customer communication and competitive pricing at the core of what we offer. The phone is always on and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment:

Paint, Powder Coat and Polished Finishes

Most Alloy wheels are covered with a powder coat finish, this sadly degrades over time with weather, road dirt and kerbing damage. In some cases the lacquer will fade and even the paint too if you often user of a car wash that uses acid. We can quickly and inexpensively work on your wheels and bring hem back to the factory finish they once had. Alloy wheels start to corrode within 5-10 years. This appears on the back and can create an air leak as the tyre seal is no longer as good as it once was. Fixing or avoiding this issue is one of the added benefits of full powder coat refurbishment.

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Polished / Machined / and Diamond cut wheel refurbishment

Around 10% of alloy wheels have a “super-shiny” face that looks great when new, but generally dulls down quite quickly in the UK climate. These wheels have usually had a lathe pass over the face and you will even see the lathe lines if you look closely. These lines provide a key for the lacquer, which is then applied. Producing the wheel in this fashion, it looks bling, but binding the lacquer directly onto the machined / lathed/ polished metal, does mean the weather will get into the substrate much more quickly than on a standard alloy wheel. You will typically see white oxidation, especially around the centre cap, the bolt holes and at any points of kerbing damage.

The good news is we can refurb like new if you wish or refurb with a painted cosmetic finish for longer life.

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